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The final batch of Mad Men episodes will begin to be unspooled when the AMC drama returns on April 5 for the second half of season 7. But we’ve got some exclusive first look gallery photos and video featuring the women of the show to tide you over until then, starting with the stunning shot above of January Jones, Christina Hendricks, Elisabeth Moss, and Jessica Paré. (Wouldn’t you love to eavesdrop on a conversation between Betty, Joan, Peggy, and Megan? I’ll drink to that!)

Okay, let’s now go from that fantastic foursome to a two-shot of Peggy and Joan enjoying their cocktails. And while they are enjoying their cocktails, make sure to enjoy the pants on the dude standing behind them. Outstanding. That guy is just working it. (As is the woman he is speaking to with the ginormous bow. Ahhhhh, fashion.)

We’ve got a bonus gorgeous final photo of Christina Hendricks as Joan below, but before we get to that, let’s first check out a video of Hendricks discussing the evolution of her character over seven seasons. In it, she talks about how Joan has gone from a promiscuous know-it-all to a vulnerable and tender complex creature. “The beautiful thing about being on a show for this long is that these characters slowly start to unravel and reveal themselves,” says Hendricks. Click on the video below to hear (and see) more.

Okay, as a bonus to those exclusives above, we also stuck in this glamour shot (which was released by AMC this morning) of Hendricks as Joan below, just because you can never have too much of a good thing. Mad Men returns with its final episodes on April 5.

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