'N Sync
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SNL‘s 40th anniversary is obviously reason enough to get comedy fans excited—but will there be something in the 3.5-hour special for fans of 90s boy bands as well? It’s looking that way. Members of *NSYNC will be attending the festivities, NBC hasconfirmed to EW. *NSYNC’s official Twitter account indicated as much today:

Naturally, Justin Timberlake—a member of the Five Timers Club—was already among the celebs SNL confirmed to be attending Sunday night’s festivities. He even posted a photo to Instagram this week documenting a “writing session” alongside Jimmy Fallon, Paula Pell, and Steve Higgins.

Now his old band is joining him too. Our lingering question: might The Muppets be involved as well? *NSYNC’s tweet quotes “Together Again” from The Muppets Take Manhattan. And having The Muppets on SNL once more would be appropriate—as Time noted, Jim Henson’s creations have cameoed on the show more than anyone else. Additionally, the show’s first season featured The Land of Gorch.

While NBC did not immediately respond to an inquiry about The Muppets, the network did also confirm that another boy band will be present: the Backstreet Boys.

Backstreet Boys
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