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Welcome to the Spoiler Room, a safe place for spoiler addicts to come on a weekly basis to learn what’s coming next on their favorite shows and, hopefully, get a few of their own questions answered. If you want scoop on a specific show, send your questions to

Any Castle scoop? — Sandra

The second hour of the two-parter will see Castle get a taste of what Beckett went through for the months he was missing … and he’s not going to handle it well. Being personally targeted by 3XK brings out a new, more violent side of Castle, and his temper might just land him in handcuffs.

Can Belle ever forgive Rumple on Once Upon a Time? — Michelle

If she ever will, it won’t happen overnight. “That’s one of the things in the second half that we’re exploring, which is forgiveness,” executive producer Edward Kitsis tells me. “Can good people make a bad decision? Can bad people make a good decision? Can you come back from the bad decisions you made and how? What he did to Belle is really atrocious and that is not going to be solved with a mixed tape and flowers.”

Do you know anything about the new season of The Following? — Laila

The new season picks up one year later at the wedding of a familiar face, though the event is marred after a wedding crasher opens old wounds for Ryan. As for the serial killers of the story, Joe Carroll is on death row, while Mark has an interesting new personality trait—oh, and you will find out who picked him up in the season finale very soon.

Did Rebecca totally get away with murder on How to Get Away with Murder? — Kyle

Wes is starting to suspect that, but how far will he go to get to the truth? “Wes is direct and honest and pure in his heart, so if he has a question, he’s going to ask Rebecca directly,” showrunner Pete Nowalk says. “Unfortunately, working for Annalise and having the year that he’s had, people don’t always say what they mean and aren’t always speaking the truth. As much as he’d like to just believe her—he did when he was more innocent and pure—he can’t help but use the lessons he’s learned to be suspicious of people and be distrustful. Although he hates that about himself now, there’s no denying that instinct of wanting to know more and poke holes in someone’s story and look for evidence to see if they’re telling the truth.”

What’s coming up on The Walking Dead? — Frieda

Remember when we got bored of the group just hanging out on the farm? Well, they probably wish they were back there now as they try to cope with dwindling resources. The group is now beaten down and probably at their lowest. A few survivors can’t shake all the recent loss, and their questionable emotional levels will cause someone to get hurt.

Moriarty killed for Watson! Does this mean Natalie Dormer is returning to Elementary? — Brynn

It’s a little too soon to say, but the cat-and-mouse game between Joan and Moriarty is far from over. “Even after three years, Moriarty isn’t sure how she feels about Joan,” executive producer Rob Doherty says. “If you classified the relationship as ‘adversarial,’ Moriarty would tell you you’re being simplistic. There’s more to it than that. Joan means a great deal to Sherlock, and that means a great deal to Moriarty, and so Joan is afforded a kind of protection. Moriarty won’t allow any harm to come to her—at least until her ultimate agenda with regards to Sherlock comes into focus.”

Any Arrow scoop on Ray suiting up as The Atom? — Stella

Yeah, he’ll be more like Laurel than Oliver. “He’s definitely a sloppy superhero in the sense of all of our characters don’t immediately have the easiest time fighting crime,” executive producer Marc Guggenheim says. “I would say episode 19 really digs underneath what does it mean for Ray to be a hero. Is he a hero because of who he is? Or is he a hero because of the suit that he’s made?”

Is there anything you can say about Cooper’s fate on The Blacklist? — Tony

Sad to say, but nobody is really safe. “We feel like we have a great story coming up where his health issues will make him face his own mortality and question his value,” executive producer John Eisendrath says. “He will be tested in ways that he’s never been tested before and tempted to do things that are darker than he has ever done before when balanced against his health.”

Do you have Vampire Diaries scoop? — Katrina

The show is going to start delving deeper into Enzo’s background. “Enzo’s a guy who’s deeply rooted in loyalty and we still haven’t scratched the surface of learning why, what makes tick, why does he feel that way, why was Stefan’s betrayal of Damon in Enzo’s mind so profound that it makes Enzo want to go out of his way for sport to do things that will mess up Stefan’s life,” executive producer Julie Plec says. “One of the things that we do in the final chapter of this season … is to start exploring the backstory of Enzo and understand what makes him tick and why he is the way he is.”

What do you have on the State of Affairs finale? — Max

The season (series?) finale has a Man on Fire feel as Charlie ventures across the world to hunt down Fatah, but she does so with a heavy heart. “She’s dealing with the idea that Nick is gone and she’s at odds with the President,” executive producer Joe Carnahan says, teasing that the team will be tracking down the suicide vests back in the States while Constance faces her allies jumping ship as the truth about Fatah goes public.

Worst news I’ve heard all week: Between the baby news on Grey’s Anatomy and Sheriff Forbes’ emotional goodbye on The Vampire Diaries, I’m going to need to switch to comedies for a while.

That’s a wrap on this week’s Spoiler Room. Be sure to email your questions to or tweet them to @NatalieAbrams.

Additional reporting by Samantha Highfill.

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