Which TV commander-in-chief would you like to see in the Oval Office?

By EW Staff
Updated February 13, 2015 at 12:00 PM EST
Barry: Cate Cameron/The CW

In honor of Presidents Day, EW is holding its own Presidential Election—featuring five equally deserving candidates from your favorite (currently airing) television shows. Every day this week, a new presidential character joined the race, complete with a slogan and a poster. We ask that you, the electorate, consider each character thoroughly before voting for your ultimate presidential pick. Scroll down to check out all five candidates—and cast your vote below.

The winner will be announced on Monday, Feb. 16—Presidents Day—with a parade to follow. Not really… but they don’t care. They’re fictional.

Barry: Cate Cameron/The CW

The 100‘s Dante Wallace

No matter their party, every president should have a few basic qualities: loyalty, strength, determination, commitment.

You’ll never find a more loyal President than Dante Wallace—he is faithful to a fault to U.S. citizens, even when that means abducting and lying to a group of (hot teen) foreigners. He has the strength to make hard decisions, including, but not limited to, stealing blood from “savages.” He’s determined to get his people to the Ground… and his commitment to the cause of 2149 America cannot be questioned. Seriously, just ask Clarke what happens when you go looking for answers.

But most importantly, Dante Wallace has presidency in his blood; his father was president before him (but don’t call it a monarchy!). And if he didn’t have the right blood… well, he has a way of fixing that.

Spacey: Netflix

House of Cards‘ Frank Underwood

In two short seasons, Frank Underwood has already been appointed the 46th President of the United States, following a string of manipulative tactics that led to the resignation of former president Garrett Walker. Underwood’s rise to the presidency was marked by shady dealings, back-stabbing, and (spoiler alert!) literally throwing someone in front of a train for the sake of his reputation. In other words: This man has proven that he’s willing to do whatever it takes to win the power of the presidency for himself. And isn’t that just what our fair nation is looking for in a leader?

As Underwood said in the final episode of season two: “Sometimes you have to sacrifice the one for the many.” Also, if you don’t vote for him, he might literally kill you.

Goldwyn: Ron Tom/ABC

Scandal‘s Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III

On paper, Fitz was born to be a politician: He got his undergrad degree from Yale before attending Harvard Law School. He then served in the US Navy before going on to become the governor of California. As if that’s not enough, he has the lovely Mellie Grant by his side. Plus, we can guarantee that no ones loves the phrase “Leader of the Free World” more than this guy. But most importantly, he has people like Cyrus Beene and Olivia Pope on his team, which means that he can handle just about any situation… except for his own marriage.

Sure, there’s a more-than-likely chance he will start a war at the drop of a hat if it means protecting Olivia Pope. But you have to ask yourself: Would you really want to live in an Pope-free America?

Then again, even if you don’t vote for him, he’ll probably still win when his people rig the election behind his back.

Woodard: Nino Munoz/NBC

State of Affairs‘ Constance Payton

Constance Payton is a war vet and former pilot who’s not afraid to cut a deal or fudge the truth to get her way. In other words, she’s meant to be a politician.

Although she may work a little too closely with her dead son’s fiancee, it’s all for a good(ish) cause: Payton is hell-bent on getting revenge on her son’s killers. But before you say she’s too caught up in her own personal drama to run the country, you really should listen to one of her anti-terrorism speeches.

Louis-Dreyfus: HBO

Veep‘s Selina Meyer

Selina Meyer is a dedicated politician. She’s willing to sacrifice her family life to get things done, even if it means debating policy during her daughter’s birthday party.

In terms of actually getting things done, she isn’t exactly the fastest. But an IRL Meyer presidency would definitely give the press plenty to talk about. Plus, if anyone would truly appreciate what it means to stand in the Oval Office … it’s Gary.