By EW Staff
Updated February 13, 2015 at 10:33 PM EST

As Valentine’s Day is just a day away, it’s a time to reflect on the lyrics of love. But for every stirring love song or empowering kissoff, there are a whole bunch of the bad, the over-played, and the downright creepy. From Bieber to Bruno, we bring you our PopWatch Confessional question of the week: What love song do you hate the most?

Ashley Fetters, news editor: Justin Bieber’s “One Time.” For all the obvious reasons, yes—the tinny, instantly dated late-2000s sound, Bieber being in approximately kindergarten at the time, etc.—but chiefly for this line in the refrain: “I’ma be your one guy, you’ll be my number one girl.” Hold on just a second there. You’ll be the only guy in my life, I’ll be your favorite girl of multiple? Not how it works, kiddo.

Jason Clark, EW Senior Reporter: I’m sorry, but no love song of the last few decades is creepier than Clay Aiken’s “Invisible“. “If I was invisible, then I could just watch you in your room”?? Ugh. I don’t think so, perv.

Isabella Biedenharn, editorial assistant: Bruno Mars – “Just The Way You Are.” Everyone has room for improvement!