Steven Sebring
February 12, 2015 at 09:09 PM EST

Brooklyn-based The Lone Bellow is a unique talent—the group’s brand of hazy, nostalgic mostly-Americana is raw in ways largely foreign in today’s music landscape. Zach Williams’ voice, while remarkably controlled, is unguarded and soulful; it swells and rolls and, tinged by a little bit of weather and rust, charms to the point of almost pain. 

For their most recent album, Then Came the Morning, the group worked with indie tastemaker du jour Aaron Dessner, and the results are sleeker but also fuller and more layered. 

Debuting Thursday is the video for “Cold as It Is.” Recorded live, with Dessner’s “Brooklyn Orchestra” performing alongside, is the best way to see the band (aside from actually live)—Williams’ full commitment to a song, Kanene Pipkin’s smoky harmonies, and Brian Elmquist plucking the track’s emotional center along. 

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