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In the Jurassic Park universe, as well as in every 7-year-old’s imagination, the Tyrannosaurus rex has long been the indisputable showstopper—a giant, marauding predator who ruled the Earth for millions of years. That might be about to change. In Jurassic World, Universal’s big summer tentpole, a man-made genetic hybrid called an Indominus Rex is the park’s new attraction, created specifically to scare the kids. The film’s Super Bowl trailer revealed glimpses of the beast—raptor-shaped head, alligator-like jaws, sharp claws, and a T.rex’s frame—but Universal was careful not to give too much away.

Though some merchandising shots of Indominus have leaked online, an official unveiling of sorts takes place on Saturday, Feb. 14, when Hasbro introduces its new line of Jurassic toys at Toy Fair 2015 in New York. EW has an exclusive first look at the new Alpha, the red-eyed Indominus (above), as well as images of two of your Jurassic Park favorites.

Compared to the T.rex, note the Indominus’s scales and much larger arms, long enough to scoop up prey while in mid-stride and punctuated by sharp claws that could skewer anyone unfortunate enough to fall within its reach. The Jurassic World site says the Indominus will be 50 feet tall and capable of speeds of 30 miles per hour. The $35 battery-operated toy Indominus roars, chomps, and has color-morphing skin on its back. Camouflage? No wonder the Indominus is billed as the ultimate predator.

Indominus Rex:

T. rex:


Hasbro’s entire product line of Jurassic World toys, games, apparel, etc., will be available in May, a month before the film’s June 12 release.

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