Dean Chalkley
February 12, 2015 at 08:53 PM EST

Siblings Kitty, Daisy, and Lewis Durham grew up in a musical household–their mother played drums for the legendary, Kurt Cobain-beloved postpunk group The Raincoats, and their dad was an engineer who worked on albums by Bob Marley and U2–so it’s not surprising they had put together a family band by the time the youngest had turned 8. Unlike most childhood family bands, the trio never stopped playing, and over the years that they’ve honed a sound that pulls bits and pieces from across a pop music spectrum that spans the entire 20th century, in the process earning fans like Mark Ronson, Chris Martin, and David Lynch.

On March 31, the multi-instrumentalist siblings will release Kitty, Daisy & Lewis – The Third via the Sunday Best label. To give some insight into the album, the trio compiled a playlist for EW of songs that influence them, including everything from Snooks Eaglin to T.Rex.

“A lot of these songs we grew up with,” Kitty writes, “and some of them we discovered in more recent years. The three of us have very varied tastes in music, T.Rex are one my biggest influences and whenever I hear ‘Solid Gold Easy Action’ I’m straight on the dance floor! I could listen to Snooks Eaglin all day, whatever mood I’m in. He’s truly one of the greatest guitarists who ever lived.” 

“This is a mish-mash of our favorite artists and sounds that have excited us throughout our rock n roll journey,” Daisy adds. “From the Velvet Underground, which was played to us through the car stereo on trips to the Lake District, to the local masters of song writing, The Kinks, which were amongst many of our mum’s singles she used to play at home. Now one of our favourites.”


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