Amy Schumer turns the tables on gender roles in the new trailer for Trainwreck, the movie she wrote, which is directed by Judd Apatow. Whereas Apatow is known for his movies about men with severe cases of arrested development, this time it’s Schumer’s character, Amy, who is reluctant to settle down. “Monogamy isn’t realistic” is the mantra Amy’s father (Colin Quinn) teaches her at the beginning of the trailer, and it’s one she takes to heart.

Of course, someone is going to challenge her ideals—and that someone is in the form of Bill Hader, playing a sports doctor she is profiling for a men’s magazine where Tilda Swinton is her boss. (Pause for Tilda Swinton-related squeals.) LeBron James features heavily in the trailer, playing himself as friend of Hader’s character and a loyal Downton Abbey viewer. Brie Larson and Vanessa Bayer also star.

The movie is due out July 17.

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