By Will Robinson
February 11, 2015 at 12:00 PM EST
Terry McGinnis/WireImage

UPDATE: As of Wednesday night, all four songs—”A Day in Your Life,” “Pain Proof,” “If It’s Lovin on Your Mind,” and “Right Back at Ya (Pop Version)”—have been removed. It’s better to have newly Spiced than to never have Spiced at all… or something.

It’s 2015. The Spice Girls haven’t released new songs since their 2007 Greatest Hits compilation, which featured two fresh cuts. But perhaps today there’s a longing for something new, yet familiar.

Consider that wish granted, along with your daily dose of nostalgia. Four tracks from the influential quintet that were previously unreleased made their way to Soundcloud… without any real explanation. There’s no official confirmation of when these songs were produced, but their sound is the furthest thing from now.

“Pain Proof” has an electric-guitar-led riff that would have sparked preteen-independence riots back in the day. “Right Back at Ya” is a different mix than the 2000 version on Forever. Come from the new production, stay for the awkward rapping that Taylor Swift unknowingly channeled. But leave your Union Jack dress in the closet of your childhood room, along with high-school yearbooks. (Starter jackets can—and are encouraged—to be dusted off for any occasion.)