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Updated February 09, 2015 at 12:00 PM EST
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Well, if there was any question before, Castle fans now know that 3XK and Kelly Nieman are not only back, but they’re targeting Beckett and Castle. More importantly, they’re on top of their game. By the end of the first hour of Castle‘s annual two-parter, Jerry Tyson walked free, and he and Dr. Nieman seemed to have a hand in Beckett’s abduction. So what now?

“Castle realizes by the end of part one that this entire thing was orchestrated, it was a bit of a fakeout to separate Beckett from the team and make her vulnerable,” showrunner David Amann said. “We look at this as the culmination of Jerry Tyson’s fantasy revenge against Castle—now he has Castle’s wife and she could not be in worse hands. So obviously moving forward into the next episode, everybody’s going to be deeply concerned and committed to trying to find Beckett and get her back before something terrible happens.”

But as the last hour proved, finding Dr. Nieman and 3XK isn’t always the problem. Rather it’s finding evidence against them that seems to leave the team stumped time after time. And this time around, Amann said it could be more of the same, with Dr. Nieman and 3XK still playing very visible roles in part two.

“The paramount goal is finding Beckett,” he said. “But in order to do that, having access to Tyson and Kelly Nieman is a big part of that because the overwhelming suspicion is they’re behind this disapperance, so being able to confront Tyson and Nieman are very much things that they’re trying to do, in the service of finding Beckett.”

And yes, that does mean that Tyson and Nieman will be getting their fair share of screentime in the second hour. “[Michael Mosley and Annie Wersching] brought a tremendous amount of presence and eeriness on this episode, and will do the same thing moving forward into the second half of the two parter,” Amann said.

Amann compared the amount of screentime Beckett will get while in captivity to the season opener, in which Castle was missing. “We’re in the point of view of our team and Castle looking for her, so that’s the emphasis in the first part of the episode, and for a good part of it, her fate and her whereabouts are unknown.”

And although Amann wouldn’t say if Beckett’s fate would be resolved by the end of the hour, he did add that “the show is built around the relationship between these two characters and I think it would be difficult for that to not be the case moving forward.”

Speaking of that relationship, Beckett mentioned having kids in the beginning of the hour, and it won’t be the last time. “It’s part of a general dilemma that Beckett has about her future,” Amann said. “The question of children figures into that, career questions figure into that, because after all, she has resolved her mother’s murder, she’s gotten married to Castle—things are in a pretty stable and good place for her. But I think that she’s wondering what the next step is for her, what is she going to be doing moving forward, and the question of children is of course going to enter into that equation.” At least that’s one thing this abduction won’t ruin.

As for Tyson and Nieman, fans shouldn’t expect much background on what they’ve been up to since we last saw them. They should, however, expect some hints about their future. “We will get a little bit of a sense of where they hope to be going moving forward in the next episode so it will be mroe about where they’re headed as opposed to where they’ve been.”

The conclusion to Castle‘s two-parter airs Monday, Feb. 16 at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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