Credit: Robyn Back/AFP/Getty Images

When Kanye almost pulled a Kanye on Beck at this year’s Grammys, the world did a collective eyeroll, perhaps chuckled, and sighed in relief that we didn’t have to hear another “I’mma let you finish.”

But Beck didn’t seem all that annoyed.

“I was just so excited he was coming up,” he told US Weekly during the Universal Music Group after-party. “[West] deserves to be onstage as much as anybody. How many great records has he put out in the last five years, right?”

The alt rocker said Kanye’s comments didn’t offend him, as he, too, expected Beyonce to take home the Album of the Year award. “I thought she was going to win,” he said. “Come on, she’s Beyonce!”

Despite Kanye’s unfavoring thoughts about his win, Beck’s feelings toward the rapper haven’t dwindled.

“I still love [West] and think he’s genius,” he said. “I aspire to do what he does.”