Thanks to the wildly popular podcast Serial, the 15-year-old case against Adnan Syed, who was convicted as a teenager in the murder of his ex-girlfriend, has become a national obsession. What’s more, the podcast’s success has raised enough questions about his guilt to turn things around for Syed: according to The Baltimore Sun, the Maryland Court of Special Appeals has granted Syed’s request for an appeal, scheduled for June.

Although Serial wrapped up in December, its popularity has thrust Syed’s case back into the spotlight—even causing Syed’s accuser, who refused to be interviewed on the podcast, to step forward for the first time. So where do things go from here? As the Sun writes, Syed’s case could still go a number of ways. There are briefings to be filed, arguments to be made, and even after all that, Syed could still be denied a new trial.

It will be quite some time before the final fate of Adnan Syed is decided.