By Jeff Labrecque
Updated February 06, 2015 at 09:11 PM EST
Credit: Jong-Hyun Kim/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images; Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

Brad Pitt is teaming with director Robert Zemeckis for a “sweeping romantic thriller” from the pen of screenwriter Steven Knight (Eastern Promises) for Paramount, Graham King’s GK Films, and New Regency. There is no title yet and words like “sweeping” and “epic” will have to suffice for a plot description for now (though there are whispers that it’s set during World War II).

After dedicating himself to CG-animated blockbusters for nearly a decade, Zemeckis returned to live-action with 2012’s Flight and this year’s The Walk, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the World Trade Center’s high-wire artist Philippe Petit. Pitt, who last appeared in Fury, will star in By the Sea, directed by Angelina Jolie. And Knight, who recently directed Tom Hardy in Locke, reportedly wrote the treatment for Pitt’s next blockbuster, World War Z 2.