They’re baaaaack. Below is the first trailer for the Sam Raimi-produced Poltergiest reboot starring Sam Rockwell. You’re probably a little skeptical. You probably should be. The original 1982 movie about a suburban family besieged by daughter-abducting spirits stands as one of best horror films of that decade. It’s also of the surprisingly few films actually written by Steven Spielberg (and allegedly it was secretly directed by him, too). Based on this trailer, the reboot retains and amplifies several elements from the original: The bedroom inter-dimensional portal, help from a psychic, the static-filled ghost-channel TV, the grabby tree and — oh yes — that clown. There’s also modern-elements thrown in too, like something creepy involving a cell phone, but at least all the modernizing doesn’t result in, say, the family’s daughter being kidnapped by ghosts in Snapchat.