Credit: Zoë Ligon

On Wednesday’s Broad City, Abbi (Abbi Jacobson) had a choice to make: She could either put on a strap-on and have sex with her longtime crush, or bail. She went with the former and woke up the next morning feeling on top of the world as she bounced around her crush’s apartment to a track with tropical leanings playing in the background. That track was “Not Yours” by Scooter Island, a project led by Broad City music supervisor Matt FX Feldman.

“Not Yours” features vocals by all five women—including Brooklyn rapper Junglepussy—who appear on Scooter lsland’s debut album and was born out of a desire to have a “strong feminine anthem.”

“We had this awesome beat, and we were just trying to figure out what we should write about it,” Gigi Hernandez, the track’s co-writer, tells EW. “And Matt was like, ‘Let’s make it a really feminine song. Let’s make it powerful.'”

With do-what-we-want lyrics like “We kill the game like we can’t lose” and “we rock whatever we want to,” “Not Yours” certainly has an anthem quality, one that’s especially appropriate for soundtracking Abbi’s post-coital celebration in Broad City.

Scooter Island’s self-titled record is due this spring.

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