Credit: CBS

Some wicked sad news for The McCarthys: The working-class Bostonian family sitcom may have been canceled.

CBS has yanked the freshman comedy from Thursday nights. The series has been struggling in the ratings and giving a weak lead-in to 10 p.m.’s Elementary. Earlier this season, CBS gave the show a soft vote of confidence by only opting for a couple of additional episodes on top of its original standard order of 13. McCarthys will be temporarily replaced by CBS’ ever-handy sitcom spackle — Big Bang Theory repeats.

Four remaining McCarthys episodes might still air, but that’s not hugely probable either (CBS generally likes to eradicate all traces of an unsuccessful show from its schedule). While the network has not officially made a verdict on next season, but as always in these situations: If the show isn’t good enough to continue now … why would it be good enough for next fall?