By Ariana Bacle
February 04, 2015 at 12:00 PM EST

The titular detective in Mr. Holmes isn’t the one we’re used to: For one, he’s 93—and he’s no longer in the business of crime, though he’s spending his final days obsessing over one last unsolved case.

In the first clip from the film, released Wednesday, Holmes (Ian McKellen) goes over the case—and how he ended up tending to bees at a farm—with his housekeeper’s son as they wander through green countryside.

Bill Condon, who previously worked with McKellen on 1998’s Gods and Monsters, is directing the film, based off of Mitch Cullin’s A Slight Trick of the Mind rather than Arthur Conan Doyle’s series. Laura Linney is co-starring as the former detective’s housekeeper. The movie’s set to debut sometime this year.