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On paper, The Lego Movie seems like a pretty soulless venture—after all, Legos are really just a bunch of trademarked building blocks with no inherent story or plot to them. When someone says they want to make a movie about Legos in a post-Battleship world, it’s easy to suspect that that person wants to sell a shit ton of toys.

But the remarkable thing about The Lego Movie was that it was aware of all this, and its entire cast and crew worked together to imbue a nakedly commercial project with a real, beating heart. It used its commercialism to criticize commercialism, which is the exact sort of meta-subversive trickery that has given directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller carte blanche to do pretty much anything they want next.

Screen Junkies’ just-released Honest Trailer for The Lego Movie completely misses the point, taking cheap shots at it for a laundry list of things it is clearly aware of. Does that mean The Lego Movie is impervious to critique? Of course not. And even if it were, it’s good to roast a sacred cow every now and then.

You’ve just got to try a bit harder than this.

The LEGO Movie
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