By Miles Raymer
Updated February 04, 2015 at 10:08 PM EST
Credit: Rebecca Davis

Drew Patrizi was a founding member of indie stalwarts What Made Milwaukee Famous, and his new project Trumpeter Swan continues in the same vein of brainy guitar pop, with a slightly more formal artsy spin added in. The group’s second album The Magnitude of Now expands the lineup behind its self-released 2010 debut Listen for the Clues, and expands its sonic palette as well. The new single “Scout’s Honor,” which Patrizi describes as being about “searching for how the value of honor applies to broken relationships,” juxtaposes anxious, postpunk-infused rock with crisp atmospheric textures to fascinating results.

For the video, director Jeremy Phillips blended video portraits of the band, found vintage portrait photos, and vivid geometric designs. “The ‘line graphics,'” he writes, “were influenced by the Italian artist Maurizio Anzeri who takes real vintage portraits and embroiders colorful designs into the portraits to create these striking visual works of art. There’s something interesting about taking vintage images and overlaying something modern on top.”