FourFiveSeconds” is an understated track that now has a video to match: Rihanna, Kanye West, and Paul McCartney all appear in the music video, which is shot in black and white and features the stars singing and strumming directly into the camera.

Rihanna and West’s profiles are often silhouetted in the video, but when they’re not hiding in the shadows, they’re busting out bursts of dance moves in their matching denim-and-worker-boots outfits.

When the track first came out, some were unsure whether it was going to appear on Rihanna or West’s upcoming album—but looking at the video, it’s clear it’s Rihanna’s track: The “Umbrella” singer stands front-and-center for shots of the trio together, leaving West and the former Beatle in the background.

The trio will be performing at the Grammys Feb. 8. “FourFiveSeconds,” available now, is the first single off Rihanna’s upcoming album.