By Ariana Bacle
February 03, 2015 at 12:00 PM EST

Oscar-nominated actor Randy Quaid is mad at Rupert Murdoch, so he expressed his anger by commanding his wife, Evi, to wear a mask with Murdoch’s face on it and then humped her from behind. Unfortunately, it was all filmed for the masses to see.

Quaid begins the video by speaking directly to the camera, claiming he made Warner Bros. and News Corp millions by starring in Christmas Vacation and Independence Day—and that they repaid him by stealing money and damaging his reputation.

He goes on to say that he and Evi have been put through “a living hell of biblical proportion” before addressing Murdoch directly: “So Rupert, you wanna f–k me, I’m going to f–k you.” And that’s when he gets behind his wife, clad in sunglasses and a bikini, to hump her while grunting grunts that are very, very difficult to unhear.

With that warning in mind, see the video here. (The NSFW part kicks off at about 1:28.)