Full trailer for Netflix's first Marvel series to debut Wednesday

Matt Murdock wants to make his city a better place. And Netflix is offering its first, albeit brief, look at how he’s going to accomplish that.

Marvel released a short—emphasis on short—teaser for the actual teaser trailer for Netflix’s Daredevil, which will debut in full online on Wednesday.

This tease of a tease shows off Matt Murdock in his all-black Daredevil suit, slinking through the shadows before bursting through a door. And that’s about it, as Netflix is opting to hold any other glimpses at Murdock, Kingpin, and the show’s take on New York City until the full trailer.

Marvel is no stranger to the tease-of-a-teaser game, having recently done the same for the first Ant-Man trailer. That campaign played into the titular hero’s powers by first debuting an ant-sized tease, but thankfully, this Daredevil tease has actual, visible visuals.

Daredevil will premiere its entire first season on Netflix on April 10. For more on the show, check out EW‘s exclusive photos and find out what executive producer Steven S. DeKnight had to say about the show.

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Matt Murdock, the blind superhero, gets his own television show via Netflix.

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