Lara Milenko
February 03, 2015 at 06:09 PM EST

Angelica Allen is a back-up singer in the sprawling disco-revival collective Escort, which often takes the stage nearly 20 members deep. But on her own, under the name My Midnight Heart, she makes music that’s more intimate and more futuristic. On Tuesday, she releases a new two-song EP called Drown, whose title track weaves together the late-night moodiness of vintage trip-hop, the booming sounds of contemporary alt-R&B, and some of the raw emotional charge of classic PJ Harvey. For the video, director Jake Nelson combined hand-drawn animation, live action, and visual effects (including computer animation and the 3D imaging of still photographs) to create what he calls a “watery dreamworld that reflects Angelica’s subconscious thoughts and fears.”

Allen will follow up Drown with another two-track release, Break, out Feb. 17.

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