OSome Studio

The new take on survival horror video games will debut in March

February 02, 2015 at 08:44 PM EST

There are few classic horror tropes, particularly in gaming, as recognizable as the creepy, deserted mansion. Capcom even recently re-released the original Resident Evil to remind fans of one of the most famous creepy homes in all of video games.

But White Night is hoping to make that familiar setting new again by infusing it with another classic genre—film noir.

Developed by OSome Studio, White Night takes an old-school, black-and-white film noir look and marries it with survival horror gameplay. Set in 1930s Botson, promises a “good old ghost story,” and the game’s new trailer hints at where that story will take players.

Light will play an integral part to solving puzzles and deliving into the mysteries of the game’s mansion. Finding a path in the dark doesn’t look like it’s the only obstacle in the player’s way, as the brief but terrifying appearance of a ghostly apparition behind the main character suggests the protagonist is not alone.

White Night will debut on PlayStation 4 on March 3.

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