February 02, 2015 at 06:48 PM EST

Finally, a reality TV dating show that’s like real-life dating.

WE tv’s new unscripted series Match Made in Heaven will put a modern and all-too-relatable twist on its elimination ceremony: Bachelor Shawn Bullard will dump prospective mates by sending them a text message. 

As explained in the show’s Feb. 4 premiere (watch the exclulsive clip below), at the start of the season Bullard gives each contestant a white cell phone. Once he’s chosen who will continue on the show in hopes of winning his heart, he sends text messages to the cast. Each contestant is either safe, ditched, or asked to meet for further conversation. 

Match Made in Heaven is also notable for casting a black bachelor—unlike ABC’s genre classic The Bachelor, which has gone for 19 seasons without casting a black man in the lead role. (The hit series did feature its first Latino Bachelor, Juan Pablo Galavis, last year.)

Match Made in Heaven focuses on millionaire Bullard searching for a mate with the help of Pastor Ken Johnson. While the WE tv show’s rejection method is arguably harsher than being handed flowers like 1970s prom dates (a la The Bachelor), it’s still better than that other trendy breakup method — never hearing from your date at all (a.k.a. being ghosted).

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