February 02, 2015 at 11:28 PM EST

The sharks of Katy Perry’s halftime show performance officially stole the show, according to Internet users, inspiring myriad Tumblr posts, news articles, and even a BuzzFeed quiz

After the Internet launched an investigation into who’s under the shark-suit performers, one dancer identified himself on Twitter as Scott Myrick, and we at EW thought he looked familiar.

Turns out, Myrick was featured on Perry’s EW cover shoot back in 2013.

He also appears to be one of the dancers caught in the middle of some, ahem, bad blood between Perry and pop star Taylor Swift. According to a Rolling Stone interview, Swift explained an incident involving an unnamed artist whom she had business-related beef with after the unnamed artist tried to take away a few of her back-up dancers, including Myrick. 

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