Last week, 20th Century Fox released the first look at their upcoming superhero tentpole Fantastic Four, the newest onscreen incarnation of the First Family of Marvel Comics. The response online was immediate: Within a few days, the trailer had been viewed 42 million times, breaking a record for a Fox trailer. The last trailer to perform so well online was for last year’s X-Men: Days of Future Past—which coincidentally shares a screenwriter, Simon Kinberg, with Fantastic Four.

Kinberg sounds ebullient about the trailer’s performance, noting that the producers purposefully didn’t fill the spot with the usual assortment of superpowered showdowns. “We took our time with that trailer,” he explains. “What we were trying to tell people was: Here’s the tone of the movie. My favorite trailers are the ones who set the world, the tone, the voice of the movie, without telling you too much about the story.” The main goal was to clearly establish that this is a new kind of Fantastic Four movie. “It’s totally different from what the previous movies had done,” he explains, referring to the Jessica Alba/Orange-Michael-Chiklis films from last decade. “And it’s much more akin to what the Ultimate Fantastic Four series did.”

Kinberg is keeping busy in the Fox Marvelverse—click here to find out what X-Men star is returning to the franchise in next year’s Apocalypse—but he’s excited that people are finally getting a look at the new FF film. “We really wanted to let people know: This is a Fantastic Four movie that takes character seriously, that has hard-tech science-fiction, and it has an intensity that you may not expect from this franchise.” It’s (thoughtful) Clobberin’ time!