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Updated January 30, 2015 at 09:50 PM EST
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Of all the crazy things Fiona Gallagher (Emmy Rossum) has gotten herself into, this week’s episode of Shameless revealed what might just be her most heartwarmingly romantic disaster…or is it!? On a show like Shameless, there’s no telling whether Fiona’s spontaneous wedding to charming bass player Gus (Steve Kazee) will end in happily ever after or heartbreak. Could he finally be the one to make an honest woman out of the eldest Gallagher?

EW caught up with Kazee—a Tony Award winner for Broadway’s Once—to find out what this marriage means for the Gallagher clan, and whether Gus is really the nice guy we think he is.

EW: Fiona just got married, and she barely knows you! What just happened?

STEVE KAZEE: “What did we just do?” is a question that you’re going to see both of those characters examining. In the five season this show has been on, Fiona and that family have gone through so many insane highs and lows and ups and downs and all of a sudden, the writers seem to top it once again and put her in this position of a quickie wedding. But as Gus says, his mother and father got married after only two days and they’ve been together ever since, so he believes there are people in the world who think that that can happen and these two kids are going to take a chance and see how it goes.

What does Gus offer that Fiona’s many, many other boyfriends don’t?

He’s the complete opposite of anything she’s ever seen, which is genuine, sincere, kind, warm, caring, open. Also, not a drug addict, not an alcoholic. He’s sort of the antithesis of everything her character has had laid in front of her before. Certainly, the anthesis of a Jimmy-Jack-Steve character who, at this point, we still have no idea what that guy is or what he’s truly about. At least with Gus, everything is on the surface.

Sure, he seems nice, but any chance he’s actually, like, a serial killer?

I think there’s always a chance. It is Shameless, after all. There’s always a chance that one of the Gallaghers ends up in a plastic bag. But I think what you see so far is a representation of the duality of nature. The good versus the evil. Which path do you choose when you come to that fork in the road?

When you signed on to Shameless, did you know Gus would figure in this way?

I had absolutely no idea. I found out the day that I got the script for this episode. I was actually originally told I’d be auditioning for Davis, the first musician, and then when I got in the room, they said they wanted to see me for Gus, so I cold-read that and played a little song on the guitar. And now here we are at this place of happily ever after… question mark.

How many episodes are you around for?

I’m around for the season. Definitely, there are lots of things to come.

How long until Fiona screws this up?

I think that’s the question! How many lessons do you have to learn before you make the right decision? Did you make the right decision, and if you didn’t make the right decision, how have you not learned from your past mistakes? I think it’s a crucial time for Fiona in her existence—do I keep going down the same old road and keep getting the same results, or do I try something new? Even though it still tends with that wild impulsiveness.

What about for Gus? From what you know of the character, did he make the right decision?

I don’t think he knows. I do think that he’s a hopeless romantic in that he believes two people can get married after a day of knowing each other and stay together forever. I really believe that he believes that. But whether he knows what’s in store for what it means to be with a Gallagher, I’m not sure. Sometimes those bubbles get so inflated that you’re not expecting the pop.

Tease me up for the next episode. Gus has to meet the family!

As most impulsive decisions go, there’s usually a heavy come-down. I think the reality starts to set in pretty quickly and we start to see two people who are very aware of what they’ve done and now have to start to put all the pieces into the right place in order to see if it’s going to continue or if it’s going to fizzle out as fast as it started.

Shameless airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. on Showtime.

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