By Joshua Rivera
Updated January 30, 2015 at 07:16 PM EST

Noted Beyonce spouse and hip-hop mogul Jay Z is about to throw his hat into the battle for music streaming supremacy.

According to Time, the rapper is in the process of buying streaming music service Aspiro for a reported $56 million. While not widely known in the United States, the Scandinavian company has two ad-free streaming services under its belt: the Europe-only WiMP, and the more widely available Tidal high-def audio service.

Of course, how successful it would ultimately depend on whether or not Hov can make it more appealing to artists like Taylor Swift and Radiohead, who have very publicly withdrawn from streaming music leader Spotify.

If his lyrics are any indication, he’s probably got this all sorted out. As he’s said once before: He’s not a businessman, he’s… you know.