By James Hibberd and Natalie Abrams
Updated January 29, 2015 at 10:21 PM EST

“The U.S. version of a British hit.” Let’s face it: That sentence that fills you with a little bit of apprehension at this point, right?

Which is probably why fans had mixed reactions on Twitter when they heard Black Mirror producers confirm Wednesday that there is a possibility of an American edition of their show in the works.

For the uninitated, Black Mirror is episodic thriller-anthology series that’s similar to The Twlight Zone except each hour revolves around some aspect of technology. It’s also arguably the best series since The Twlight Zone to attempt this tricky format. The British original has aired a scant seven hour-long episodes since 2011 yet has made several stunning pieces of work that cut far deeper, emotionally speaking, than you might expect from a twisty sci-fi show (if you only watch one, check out “The Entire History of You”).

Since arriving on Netflix last month, Black Mirror is lately making long-belated waves stateside. I’ve heard HBO, Netflix and AMC were among the outlets interested in a possible series. Of course those are all fine channels that know how to make qualtiy shows. But when a series manages to execute as strongly as Black Mirror, it’s due to a combination of skill and some luck that can be a tough combination to replicate. And while I’m not usually a person that declares “there’s no reason to re-make this show,” Black Mirror is so slick and modern and accessible (not too, you know, “British-y”), it feels like there’s even less reason to remake this title than, say, Broadchurch (and we all know how that went).

Still, given the show’s paucity of epsiodes … who wouldn’t want more? Take a vote in our poll here. Should a U.S. network make a domestic version of Black Mirror?