Seems the impact of TV binges isn’t so different from other kinds of binges.

According to a new study by the University of Texas at Austin, there’s a link between binge-watching television shows and depression. Researchers surveyed hundreds of milennials and discovered those who endulge in viewing marathons of TV are more likely to be depressed and lonely (which is also true for people who binge-consume food and alcohol).

Viewers didn’t even need to watch very many episodes to have this correlation as researchers defined binging as merely 2-6 episodes — that’s like amateur-level binging. The researchers found 75 percent of responders binge-watched programming, often from Netflix and Hulu. One possible reason for the issue, it seems that 82 percent in the study binge-watched by themselves. “This should no longer be viewed as ‘harmless’ addictive behavior,” the researchers warned.

See, this is why it’s always better to watch a six-hour TV marathon while rotating among different shows.