By EW Staff
Updated January 29, 2015 at 01:41 PM EST

In our recent roundup of online comedy series that deserve to be on TV we mentioned that Saturday Night Live kingpin Lorne Michaels has been getting heavy into the digital content game with Above Average, the Internet-centric spinoff of his production company Broadway Video. Along with the deliciously crude “Backseat Bitches,” AA also produces “Congressional Hearings,” a considerably more subtle series aimed at the type of person who’ll click on a video that looks virtually indistinguishable from an actual C-Span broadcast of a congressional hearing.

Instead of budgets and Benghazi, this faux congressional committee interrogates witnesses about a myriad of mundane modern day annoyances–frustratingly vague Facebook posts, the suspiciously gluten “intolerant,” people who inexplicably love The Big Bang Theory. The sixth and final episode of the series takes on the kind of person who is seemingly incapable of keeping tasty spoilers to themselves. It’s a type that we’re all familiar with, and probably would all like to see hauled in front of a congressional panel.

You can watch all of “Congressional Hearings” here.