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The Casual Vacancy
Credit: BBC

Some members of the public in the U.K. village of Painswick are not pleased with a lingerie shop built for the BBC miniseries based on J.K. Rowling’s first book for adults, The Casual Vacancy. According to The Telegraph, the town’s parish council has been fielding complaints from visitors of the town who find the shop “wholly unsuitable and degrading.”

“They complained about it at the local parish council meeting,” the show’s director, Jonny Campbell, told The Telegraph at a screening of the first episode at BAFTA. “They said it was a disgrace on the one hand, but on the other a couple of little old ladies with white hair came walking past, looking in the window, and said ‘we’ve already got all that stuff.’

“So it was amusing.”

The Telegraph quotes Martin Slinger, a member of Painswick Parish Council, as saying many residents took the display as a “joke.”

The Casual Vacancy follows a small town after one of its parish council members unexpectedly dies, launching the community into a fight for his spot in order to control the town and push out their poverty-stricken neighbors.

The three-hour miniseries, adapted by BBC and HBO, will air in the U.K. starting on Feb. 15 and later in the spring in the U.S.

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