Sony Spotify

As Sony giveth to its PlayStation users, it also taketh away.

Sony announced today, Jan. 28, that Spotify will be coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 later this spring, which will also mark the end of Sony’s Music Unlimited subscription service. However, PlayStation Vita users will be losing some of the handheld’s functionality in the coming months.

As part of a new service called PlayStation Music, users will be able to link their Spotify account to their PlayStation Network profile. Players will be able to use Spotify and Spotify Premium while playing games on the PS4 to create their own custom soundtracks.

Spotify via PlayStation Music will eventually also come to Sony’s Xperia phones and tablets.

Before Spotify launches on PlayStation systems, Sony’s own music streaming service, Music Unlimited, will cease operations on March 29. Anyone with an active Music Unlimited subscription prior to Feb. 28 will have access to the service for free until March 29.

PlayStation also revealed via its support site that the PlayStation Vita will lose a few apps in the coming months. The YouTube app for the handheld is no longer available to download, and will no longer be supported for those who do have it after April 20. However, players will still be able to access YouTube through the Vita’s web browser.

A March system update will also remove the Maps application from the Vita, which will cause functionality of the system’s Near app to stop. Near was a social networking application for the Vita that was intended to locate and show what nearby Vita players were playing on their handhelds while also unlocking small items in certain games.