Credit: Animal Planet

Puppy Bowl XI is only a few days away from airing and it has shockingly remained scandal-free. In fact, the only disappointment is that this canine contest was taped in advance so it won’t be able to respond to DeflateGate. (Really wanted to see one of the dogs get flagged for an underinflated chew toy.)

Designed as cuddly counterprogramming to the Super Bowl, the 11th annual showcase of pooches scurrying around a mini-field will feature not just a match-up between Team Ruff and Team Fluff, but also a cross-over with another TV program known for its games, EW has learned. In one segment, a few young pups will show off their bidding skills on The Price Is Right. One of those dogs is a competitor from this year’s Puppy Bowl, the appropriately named Drew Carey. (The host of the venerable CBS game show also filmed a pet-adoption PSA that will air during Animal Planet’s two-hour Puppy Bowl, which can be seen six times in a row, starting at 3 p.m. ET on Feb. 1.)

This cross-over will work both ways. On tomorrow’s episode of The Price is Right, Puppy Bowl ref Dan Schachner will introduce a Puppy Bowl-themed showcase. To get your paws on a preview of the Puppy BowlPrice Is Right action, press play on the video above.