January 28, 2015 at 06:30 PM EST

Last year, the party was in Athens, Georgia. This year, it’s moving farther down south to Biloxi, Mississippi. On Feb. 26 at 9 p.m., CMT’s outrageous, say-a-prayer-for-the-youth-of-today reality show Party Down South returns with a third season of exploits featuring Daddy, Lyle, Murray, Walt, Lauren, Mattie and Tiffany.

The crew may be down a Lil Bit, who quit the show last summer, but they have gained a new out-of-control partier-in-crime: Hannah “Hott Dogg” Guidry. A friend of Mattie, Hannah is a 28-year-old hairstylist from New Orleans whose favorite foods include turtle, crawfish, squirrel, and deer. We’re told that not only does she enjoy a good beer bong, she “regularly gets blacked out drunk on the weekends and thinks that she probably has a lot of crazy stories but can’t remember them.”

With that lovely introduction out of the way, let’s get you your first peek(s) at Hannah. In the promo above, she and the rest of the cast get wet-n-wild. And below, in this exclusive clip from the new season, she meets her new roommates and hypes up her pairing with Martha, declaring that they are “two hurricanes are about to collide… and it’s going to be a shitshow.” Already is, Hannah. Already is.

The Biloxi party pad has already been warmed up by eight other party people, as CMT added a second edition of PDS (which was created by Jersey Shore overlord SallyAnn Salsano) back in November. Think the originals will let themselves be outdone by the new kids on the Bilox? Then you should do less thinking. Like these guys.

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