By Joshua Rivera
Updated January 28, 2015 at 06:47 PM EST
Credit: Dark Horse Comics
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Neverboy, an upcoming miniseries from Dark Horse Comics, has a pretty great hypothetical at the center of its story.

“You know how real people take drugs to escape reality?” asks writer Shaun Simon (The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys).“What if an imaginary friend took those same drugs? What would happen to him?”

In Simon’s mind, it would have the inverse effect drugs have on us—instead of being a psychedelic escape, it would be a tether to reality, making them mundane and normal like the rest of us as opposed to creatures of boundless imagination.

“The idea came from my daughter—she has an imaginary friend, and that’s something I never had,” says Simon. “What happens when kids grow up? What happens to these imaginary friends if, God forbid, a child tragically dies?” This got Simon thinking, and asking more and more interesting questions. “What if this imaginary friend doesn’t want to go back? What if he wants to stay in the real world? How would he do that?”

Thus Neverboy was born. A former imaginary friend who has been abusing drugs to stay in the real world and build a life for himself—which even includes an entire family—Neverboy has just about all he’s ever wanted. Except he’s about to run out of drugs. And things are about to get a little out of hand.

“Neverboy’s story really begins when he meets this struggling artist who’s down on his luck and can’t find any inspiration,” says Simon. “When he meets this artist, the two of them get together and use each other and abuse creativity in ways they really shouldn’t—and really just kind of mess everything up.”

Courtesy of Dark Horse Comics, here’s your first look at Neverboy along with an exclusive variant cover by Gerard Way.

Neverboy is written by Shaun Simon with art by Tyler Jenkins (Peter Panzerfaust) and colors by Kelly Fitzpatrick. The six-issue miniseries begins March 4, 2015.

Credit: Tyler Jenkins, Kelly Fitzpatrick

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