Parks and Recreation is wrapping up quickly—we’re already 6/13ths of the way through the final season, thanks to the double dose of episodes each week. The fine folks of Pawnee have been been reflecting on their seven seasons of small-town adventures every Wednesday on as well as giving you nice glimpses at the tearful last days on the set. This week’s enlightening installment of the mini-doc focuses on the Andy (Chris Pratt) and April (Aubrey Plaza), south-central Indiana’s coolest and most spontaneous couple.

Check out what Pratt and Plaza had to say about their characters’ unexpected romance, which Plaza first felt back in season 1 when she ad-libbed a throwaway line. Pratt reveals one of his favorite scenes, which was another tiny moment in which April walks away from Andy at his shoeshine stand. Later in the segment, Plaza gets a little misty-eyed, but things turn appropriately absurd when they both start pitching the April-Andy spin-off, which now absolutely has to happen. How would you feel about a procedural crime drama featuring Macklin and Snakehole crossed with Cheaper By the Dozen? Or would you prefer something stronger, perhaps that goes “behind the bedroom door” and involves a diaper? Click on the video below to learn more.

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