Credit: Johnny Buzzerio

Angels & Airwaves’ video for “Tunnels” begins with the band playing in front of slow-moving images of the colorful galaxy but soon morphs into something much more than a run-of-the-mill performance video: Clips of futuristic landscapes from an animated film titled Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker make their way in and are intercut with the shadowy shots of Angels & Airwaves.

Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker, directed by Angels & Airwaves frontman Tom DeLonge, follows a lucid dreamer facing his inner demons. It won Best Animated Film at the Toronto International Short Film Festival and is part of a wide-spanning multimedia project that includes film, comics, and music.

This isn’t the group’s first foray into other mediums, though: In 2011, they produced and scored sci-fi film Love, which screened at multiple festivals.

DeLonge—who’s currently involved in a public feud with the two other members of Blink-182—formed Angels & Airwaves in 2005 and has since made five albums with the band.

The Dream Walker is now available on iTunes.