It’s hard to write about Budweiser’s Super Bowl ad without including a series of cooing nonsense words. It’s just that cute.

The company’s ad, once again, features a heartbreakingly adorable puppy. This time the puppy gets lost and goes on an adventure to the sounds of a pared-down version of “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles).” Though the puppy has a frightening encounter with a wolf, its faithful Clydesdales save the day. By the end the puppy is safely back home, and, well, really, really cute. (Did I mention this puppy is cute?)

Budweiser’s release comes on the heels of a controversy over GoDaddy’s pulled ad, which featured a puppy in a vastly different storyline.

If you want more puppy, Budweiser has also posted a “meet the puppy” video.