By Joshua Rivera
Updated January 27, 2015 at 09:55 PM EST
Credit: DC Comics

DC Comics’ Earth One series of graphic novels are meant to be a clean slate: self-contained, fresh takes on some of their oldest characters, perfect for new and old readers alike. So far there have been four titles released; albeit a bit sporadically—Superman: Earth One arrived in 2010, followed by Batman: Earth One and a second Superman volume in 2012, and finally Teen Titans: Earth One in late 2014.

While creators are free to do whatever they like with the Earth One books, the Batman and Superman volumes happen to favor a darker, more serious take on their characters (which does not seem like the boldest of directions these days). However, Teen Titans: Earth One is quite brilliant, an assured retelling that effectively remixes years of Titans history into something unpredictable and new—and everything the Earth One books should be.

The next Earth One volume will be the third Superman book in the line, and the conclusion of the story writer J. Michael Straczynski began in Volume One. Illustrated by artist Ardian Syaf, Volume Three will introduce Lex Luthor and his wife Alexandra—who have been asked to bring Superman down by the US Military.It’s a pretty grim and gritty take clearly meant to appeal to Man of Steel fans. Want to see more? EW has an exclusive six-page preview of the graphic novel, available Feb. 4.


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