Neil Patrick Harris will be James Lipton’s guest on Feb. 12 when Inside the Actors Studio premieres its 21st season. It’s fortuitous timing for Bravo, as Harris will be hosting the Academy Awards on Feb. 22. It will be the actor’s first solo sit-down on the show, though he did join the cast of How I Met Your Mother on the program last spring.

Ever since Lipton interviewed Alec Baldwin in 1994 for the first episode of Inside the Actors Studio, the long-running show has become one of the most honored primetime series in the history of broadcast television—with 17 Emmy nominations, including a 2013 win.

“Considering that we are nothing more or less than a master’s class in a drama school, all of this is remarkable to me,” Lipton says. “I anticipated none of it. But I think it’s a tribute to the American audience that they would keep coming back to us all these years—that they’re interested in the same thing we’re interested in: craft. We don’t deal in gossip, we deal in craft. And I was warned when we started if we did that, we’d last six weeks. Well, here we are, going into our 21st year.”

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