By Joshua Rivera
January 26, 2015 at 03:00 PM EST

Madden NFL 15

Every year, the folks at EA Sports take the latest version of Madden NFL and play through a simulated version of the Super Bowl to predict a winner. No one knows who actually plays these games, but they usually turn out to be pretty accurate—as The Huffington Post pointed out in 2014, Madden has gotten it right eight out of 10 times. (It would prove to be very wrong when it came to that year’s Seahawks-Broncos game, but so were most people—who could’ve predicted that game’s 43-8 blowout by the Seattle Seahawks?)

This year’s matchup pits reigning champ Seattle against the New England Patriots, and according to Madden, the Seahawks won’t win that trophy a second time. According to the hilariously dramatic highlight reel, we’re in for a tense game, with the Seahawks taking an early lead only to slowly lose ground to the Patriots before Mel Gibson does that Tomahawk thing and they let one touchdown to many break past their defense.

See, now you don’t even have to watch the game. Just practice the lingo and you’ll be fine at work the next morning.

All the good commercials are online anyway.

Madden NFL 15

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