Gov. Scott Walker may really like Dropkick Murphys, but Dropkick Murphys don’t seem to like him back.

Over the weekend, the Republican governor of Wisconsin used their track “I’m Shipping Up to Boston” at the Iowa Freedom Summit. When the Celtic punk rock band heard, they responded on Twitter, writing, “Please stop using our music in any way …we literally hate you!!! Love, Dropkick Murphys.”

Walker’s use of the track is ironic because the band released “Take ‘Em Down” in 2011, a song in support of the Wisconsin union workers protesting his anti-union budget plans. The Massachusetts rockers also created limited edition T-shirts, with proceeds benefiting the Workers’ Rights Emergency Response Fund.

This isn’t the first time a musician objected to a conservative leader’s use of their work. Tom Petty sent Michele Bachmann’s team a cease-and-desist letter in 2011 for her use of “American Girl” at a rally, and Foo Fighters released a statement denouncing their association with John McCain after the presidential hopeful used “My Hero” during his 2008 campaign.