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Now that Peggy Carter has tracked down Howard Stark’s “baby babies”—aka his stolen inventions, most of which could probably level a city block if not threaten the world—what’s next for Marvel’s Agent Carter? EW caught up with executive producers Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas to ask some burning questions:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: At what point do the other SSR agents figure out Agent Carter (Hayley Atwell) has been working with Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper)?

MICHELE FAZEKAS: It’s going to become increasingly difficult for her to sustain this, because the people she works with are smart people.

TARA BUTTERS: She’s always having to try to stay one step ahead and that’s a very dangerous game to play. She’s working actively against them.

FAZEKAS: Arguably, she could be drawn up on treason charges. We even started to hint in episode 3 when Sousa [Enver Gjokaj] goes, “I knew that anonymous tip was fishy. Why did they call us? Normal people call the cops. This guy called us.” So, he’s already starting to get onto this and that makes Peggy very nervous, and Peggy should be nervous.

When does the show go now that Peggy found Howard’s inventions?

FAZEKAS: If you thought the show was going to be “bad baby” of the week, it’s not. Leviathan takes a more prominent role in what is happening. There are a couple things: What’s Leviathan? Why did they steal Howard Stark’s stuff? And what’s Howard Stark’s secret agenda?

BUTTERS: For the eight episodes, her trying to clear Howard Stark’s name and who did all this is still the main thrust of those episodes, but I do love that in each episode, especially moving from episode 3 on, we give a nice big curveball to each episode that hopefully will excite the viewers.

Is Leviathan an organization? Is it like Hydra?

BUTTERS: Leviathan is a group. Leviathan comes from the Marvel Universe and comic books. It’s the Russian Hydra. They’re not connected. The fact is it is something that has been connected in the Marvel Universe before. Who is Leviathan and what they want is all stuff we will get into.

FAZEKAS: The SSR will start to ask that too.

What can you tease about the secret Howard has been keeping from Peggy?

FAZEKAS: At the end of episode 3, the SSR is now in possession of all of Howard Stark’s technologies. It has to do with one of those things.

Because of Lyndsy Fonseca’s Nikita background, many viewers expect that there’s more to her than meets the eye. Is there a chance she could be a spy?

FAZEKAS: There’s one little surprise that will come out about Angie toward the latter half of the season. There’s something that you wouldn’t expect about her.

Bridget Regan’s character Dottie can’t just be Peggy’s new neighbor. Is she a spy?

FAZEKAS: She’s a ballet dancer from Iowa. I can’t really say anything more. You’ll find out, though.

How much will we see of the Howling Commandos?

FAZEKAS: You’ll see Dum Dum [Neal McDonough] a lot. You’ll see new ones that exist in the comic book universe.

Do they come to New York or is Peggy going somewhere?

FAZEKAS: That I would wait and see. They’ve got plenty to do.

How much will future episodes connect to the greater Marvel Universe?

BUTTERS: I do honestly believe that anyone who loves the Marvel Universe, if they sit and watch all eight episodes of Agent Carter, they’re going to be pleasantly surprised about how we connect to the greater Marvel Universe.

FAZEKAS: Watch the final episode all the way until the end.

Marvel’s Agent Carter airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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