When it comes to finding that perfect match, dating apps just don’t cut it for some people. They don’t reveal enough about the person. They don’t help you learn what really matters to them. They don’t tell you what episode of Mad Men they are on right now.

Enter Watchr, the dating app that knows there are few things more important in our lives today than television. Watchr knows that what we are really dreaming of as we swipe back and forth on Tinder, is to find someone to sit next to us while we finally catch up on Game of Thrones.

The dating app parody from UCB Comedy’s Los Angeles Digital, “browses the singles in your area and lets you know what TV shows they want to binge-watch. And nothing else.”

Watchr knows that the shows you are behind on matter to you, and will find you that special someone who won’t judge you for only being on season three of Breaking Bad. Because they are too.

You might have nothing else in common with the person Watchr sets you up with. In fact, you might not have any romantic feelings toward each other whatsoever.

But that really doesn’t matter, does it?