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Do you have any Arrow scoop on Sin’s return? — Chris

You can thank Brick’s plan to take over the Glades for her return. “We have to go back to the Glades to check things out and check on some people and survey the area,” Colton Haynes tells me. “I finally get to see Sin again and might recruit her to come help us along the way.” Speaking of returning faces, when Ra’s al Ghul pops back up in Starling City, the team may find an ally in Nyssa… until she finds out who really killed Sara. “Thea really has to watch her back,” Haynes says. “I feel bad because it’s not her fault. It’s Malcolm’s fault.”

Do you have any scoop on the return of How to Get Away with Murder? — Niell

Connor’s big lie to Oliver—that he has a drug problem—may not be a lie after all. “Connor does have an addictive personality in a lot of ways,” Jack Falahee says. “There might be a grain of truth in telling that lie specifically. He could’ve gone with a lot of different lies, and he came out pretty strong. That will be an interesting exploration in the second half of the season, in how and why Connor told that lie and how he then deals with Oliver.”

Can you make my day with some Sam Supernatural news? — Maria

For those of you who are worried about Sam not getting his own story in the second half of the season, executive producer Jeremy Carver promises that’s not the case. That said, Sam’s story will revolve around saving Dean. “It’s going to be a Sam story, but it’s going to be focused around, ‘How do I save my brother?’ And it’s going to make Sam ask a lot of questions [about] himself that may actually have him questioning stances he’s taken in the last couple years,” Carver says. “Sam’s come a very far way in the last couple years in terms of this unwillingness to let others die while the brothers live. And what Dean is facing is going to have Sam facing that question anew. People should not despair that Sam doesn’t have a story. Sam has a story, and he has a want.” Feel better?

Are Callie and Arizona really going to be dating other people on Grey’s Anatomy? — Laura

Alas, it’s true—but it’s not going to happen right away. “I really was resistant to the idea of sticking them together with somebody else,” executive producer Shonda Rhimes tells me. “We’re just reaching the point in our storytelling—episode 13 or 14 in the scripts—and they’re actually starting to date other people and figure out what that is. But that part is just beginning. I am still a staunch believer that they can figure it out. I’m not saying they’re going to, but I am one of their fans as a couple because I love their story together. I love who they are together. I want them to work out their crap and get it together.” Me too, Shonda—me too.

Any scoop on the final episode of Parenthood? I don’t want it to end! — John

The first half of the final hour centers on Sarah and Hank’s wedding. Let’s just say that Hank finally finds a way to trump Joel, in a very rare Hank-Zeek interaction that will have you, as expected, reaching for the tissues. Other than that, I can say to expect familiar faces—but what might be more surprising are the new ones that pop up.

Can you pretty please tell me who takes over Dyad in Rachel’s absence on Orphan Black? I think it’s Delphine. — Trisha

That would be correct! “Delphine’s job responsibilities have changed mainly because there is a position that has been vacated, because of the fall of Rachel,” executive producer John Fawcett tells me. “Someone has had to step into Rachel’s chair, which may interfere—in a large degree—in her relationship with Cosima.” Ruh-roh.

Please tell me Rayna runs straight to Deacon after calling off her wedding on Nashville. — Susan

Sadly, she doesn’t. But Luke does! Let’s just say the pretty boy is certain that Deacon was the cause of his break-up, and he’s not happy about it. As for Rayna, she needs some time to deal with her very unhappy daughters (and the very annoying press) before she can talk to Deacon. That being said, the two will come face-to-face by the end of the hour.

I’m glad Hilarie Burton is returning to Forever for Henry, but what about a love interest for Jo? — Josh

Oh, it’s coming. She just had to start processing the death of her husband in last week’s episode first. “Part of that episode helps her move on to be ready to date someone new,” executive producer Matt Miller tells me. “We bring in somebody new towards the end of the season for her that will be a love interest. He first gets introduced in episode 18. She meets this billionaire tycoon guy, and suddenly, Henry starts to get a little uncomfortable with that.”

Anything About a Boy? — Dino

How about some casting news? Jon Heder, a.k.a. Napoleon Dynamite, will guest star as Walter, a computer geek at Marcus’ career fair.

Quick 12 Monkeys question: Dr. Railly is dead in the future. Do you think Cole is driven to save her in particular? — Karl

“Absolutely,” showrunner Natalie Chaidez says. “One of Cole’s goals is to protect Cassie and to save Cassie, who starts out as a stranger, becomes a friend, a comrade, and ultimately, by the end of season one, something much, much more. His drive to save this woman that he deeply cares about, maybe the only woman that he’s cared about so deeply, is really one of his main drives through season one.” Aww, he’s her lobster!

Best news I’ve heard all week: Apparently, DC Comics uses Glee to pick its superheroes—but I’m okay with it.

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