Credit: Greg Gayne/FOX

No, Gordon Ramsay wasn’t going to cook a chimp. But PETA was still irked about an upcoming chimpanzee-related episode of Fox’s MasterChef Junior and the show’s production company has decided not to air the episode as originally planned.

Here’s the story: An as-yet-unaired episode of Fox’s successful kids’ cooking competition series featured a segment with a chimpanzee. PETA heard about the episode (a Facebook photo was apparently involved) and sent a complaint to the producers claiming show-business chimps are terribly mistreated in Hollywood.

The MasterChef producers then released this statement to EW: “We did tape a segment with a properly supervised chimpanzee under the on-set supervision of the American Humane Association, but for creative reasons we do not plan to include any of that material in any of our episodes.”

PETA says Chef Ramsay and the show’s producers “will be receiving some yummy vegan chimpanzee-shaped chocolates as our thanks,” so they have that to look forward to.

So no chimps will be comically used in any MasterChef segments. Now the show can resume cooking many varieties of tasty animals without protest.