January 23, 2015 at 04:54 PM EST

While guest hosting last night’s The Late Late Show, Judd Apatow orchestrated a frank discussion of OCD, which featured Lena Dunham, Maria Bamford, and Adam Sandler, who chimed in with a Chris Farley story. 

Dunham and Bamford have both been public about their OCD, which has also factored into their work, and on The Late Late Show they humorously shared experiences. “I have to say none of them were like, ‘I have to organize my socks or make my room look perfect.’ It was like, no, ‘I have to crawl around on the floor and snort dust for 18 minutes or my mom will die,'” Dunham said.

“Yes,” Bamford said in recognition. “I had things attached to death.”

Later in the conversation, Sandler brought up his Saturday Night Live co-star Farley. “Farley was a licker too,” Sandler said. “Chris Farley everywhere we went was licking everything.”

When Sandler finished his story, Dunham said she was going to reveal something she hasn’t told anyone. “One of my OCD things as a child was forcing myself to imagine having sex with Chris Farley in even increments,” she said, and added, “to then avoid having to have sex with Chris Farley.”

Apatow is set to host the show again Friday night with guests Jeff Goldbum, Garry Shandling, and Ryan Adams.

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